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Akona <10lb Roller

Akona <10lb Roller

Akona >10lb Roller

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Now 13% more capacity!

The new cutting edge graphics and new shape give this sleek low profile roller bag an entirely new look, feel, and functionality. This new design still holds a full set of dive gear and then some. The wide stance and low height give the bag balance and design. The soft “whisper roll” style wheels are a huge bonus in the airport.

  • Cutting Edge graphics are modern, edgy, and appealing
  • The change in the shape of the bag provides 13% larger capacity
  • Right side pocket is now a fin pocket and can hold a pair of XL Triton or Elite Open Heel Fins
  • Stiffeners in the piping help keep the bag open; making packing simple and easy

EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 28” x 17.5” x 11.5”

CAPACITY: 5635 cu. In.



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