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SCUBA Explorers

Explore underwater with our SCUBA experience for kids!

From obstacle courses to relay races, SCUBA Explorers is a fun, safe environment for kids to learn more about SCUBA diving and gain water confidence! So, plan a night out and drop the kids off at our full-service SCUBA facility!


Why sign up for SCUBA Explorers?

  • Get active while having fun
  • Escape your screens and spend time outside the house
  • Make new friends
  • Sharpen your SCUBA skills
  • Gain new water competency
  • Enjoy a night of fun

Explore underwater fun today!

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SCUBA Explorers is a youth activity for kids 8 to 13. We suit 'em up in SCUBA gear and under the watchful eye of a SCUBA professional the kids play games, engage in obstacle courses, relay races, scavenger hunts, ride scooters and many more activities in and under the water in our 5 foot pool! Drop off is 6:30 pm then Mom and Dad can have a night out. Don't forget to pick your kid up at 9:00 pm, although sometimes they have so much fun they don't want to leave. Sessions are the third Friday of the month. Scroll the calendar to view availability.

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Training for kids


We offer training opportunities for children age 6 and up. Kids can start at age 6 with snorkeling training, learning proper snorkeling technique at an early age can make snorkeling an more enjoyable hobby for years to come. It is also a great parent-child activity.

SCUBA Explorers is available to kids 8 to 13 and no prior training is required.

Families with kids can participate in our Try SCUBA experience with kids 8 and older.

SCUBA training is available for kids 10 and older. There are some limitations at this age and it is best to discuss this with our training staff before signing up.

Move while having fun!

SCUBA Explorers and snorkeling helps kids get moving and stay moving while having a great time, which sure beats being buried in their electronic devices! They can move and use up all their wild energy!

Make new friends!

Perhaps your child is home-schooled or loves meeting new people, whatever the reason, SCUBA Explorers is a great environment for your child to make new friends! With team building activities such as relay races and obstacle courses, this underwater adventure fosters friendship! 

Gain Water Competency

Water skills are vital for young kids to learn and the ability to feel comfortable in the water only enhances their water confidence, keeping them safe. SCUBA Explorers teaches water safety in a fun and relaxed environment.  

Ready to take the plunge? Sign your child up for SCUBA Explorers at Carolina SCUBA and our training partner Rum Runner Dive Shop today!